Nostalgic Advertisements of the 90’s

Some of the most nostalgic advertisements of the 90’s that you cant forget. Time has taken them to the next stage. Nirma – Washing Powder Hamara Bajaj Vicco Turmeric Lifebuoy Ajanta Clocks Cadbury Dairy Milk Complan – feat. Shahid and Ayesha Maggi Fevicol – feat. Raajkumar Hirani Rasna – I Love You Rasna  

Advertisement at its best

“Advertisement is the art of making whole lies out of half truths”.  Good advertising has a purpose to direct a message that has to reach the audience through the good use of visual elements and awesome idea’s. Some TV commercials are such that we get attracted to the product seeing the miracle happening in TV…

An ad that touches your Heart – Reunion by Google India

An emotional advertisement by Google India. It really touches our heart. This advertisement  has gone viral within hours of hitting the web. It’s a story of friends who were separated in their childhood because India and Pakistan became separate countries. But Google search engine recovered their friendship It’s a must watch, A gorgeous reflection of human relationships…