Invest in Kannur Aiport KIAL shares

Hi all Here is my view on investing in Kannur International Aiport Limited (KIAL) shares Please find the documents below and the letter from KIAL We noted your expression of interest to purchase equity shares of Kannur Airport. The shares of Kannur Airport were allotted to us and we are willing to sell the same at…

15 Fitness Fads That Do More Harm Than Good

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Looking back on 2018 + my goals for 2019

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Tips for sharpness and mommy brain

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Healthy tips when life is busy

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It’s all about gelling up

Remember the first day of school? I remember mine as if it was just yesterday that my dad walked me into my classroom on a dark, cloudy day of June. I remember being frightened of being in a strange new place. My father sat me down on my chair and comforted me saying he will…

Get free credit score and report from CIBIL

A credit score and report have come to play an important role in our financial lives. Financial institutions increasingly rely on your credit score to provide loans. A bad credit score number can shatter your plans for that dream home. Remember, a good credit score is 750+ (out of 900).  Hence it is important to look…

Are we addicted to technology?

At present many parents complaint that their children are slaves to latest gadgets. Whenever they look at their children, their eyes will be glued to the screen. Even I have seen many children at their very young age many between 3 to 5 years rubbing their fingers on tablet screen. I observed them to find…

Vinyl Flooring – Boon or Bane

Many customers who buys new car whether it be Maruti or the Luxurious Audi visits our shop and asks whether we are doing Vinyl Flooring or in other words Floor Matting for cars. When we ask them why they are doing Vinyl Flooring the reasons they say are Easy to clean The original OE Carpet wont…