June 11, 2017

It’s all about gelling up

Remember the first day of school? I remember mine as if it was just yesterday that my dad walked me into my classroom on a dark, cloudy day of June. I remember being frightened of being in a strange new place. My father sat me down on my chair and comforted me saying he will be right back, then left me to attend the first day of school. Of course, there was a water show once I realised he isn’t going to be right back.
We experience things for the first time, many times, and a lot of these first time experiences tend to be anxiety inducing and frightening. Whether it is the first day or school or the first day of work, we go in with predetermined fears and expecting the worse. My first day at my job was a similar experience. I had inhibitions, anxiety and overall fear of not fitting in. My team lead was a relaxed and laid-back individual but because of my first-day jitters, I straight up refused his offer to have tea with him. It took a while for me to settle in and get comfortable with my new surroundings. The first day was just horrible and I was somewhat sure that I was at the wrong place. 
We often think of those higher in the hierarchy to usually be condescending and haughty individuals, and although in some cases it might be true, it usually tends to be our outlook that needs correction. When working in a company you will encounter a lot of different people, having different personalities and work ethics. It is, thus, very important to evolve in your understanding and learn to adapt to situations, because it won’t always be the first day of school at the end of which your dad would be waiting to be of assistance and make sure everything turned out fine.
In the end, I finally had that tea with my team lead and colleagues and learnt that sometimes things aren’t what we think they are and adapting to our new environment does take time, but with good people around and a little bit of effort, everything does turn out just fine. When you are young, work hard and also be open to learn new things. After all every day is a new experience 

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