September 27, 2016

Are we addicted to technology?

Tablet Addiction

At present many parents complaint that their children are slaves to latest gadgets. Whenever they look at their children, their eyes will be glued to the screen. Even I have seen many children at their very young age many between 3 to 5 years rubbing their fingers on tablet screen. I observed them to find out what they were actually doing on tablets/phones. Around 90% will be playing games and literally wasting time. It can even  lead to serious and often life-threatening consequences.

The funniest thing here is that many parents complaint that their children are addicted and they are the first one to buy and give a tablet/phone to children. Buying and giving one for their child is fine. But whats missing from a parents part is that they don’t teach their child how to make productive use of it. There is an old saying “If your child ask for a fish, Get him a fishing rod”. Now that is not ending up by getting a fishing rod. Its a parents mere responsibility to teach him/her how to fish. How many of them  know that in tablet-owning households, seven out of 10 parents let their kids play with their tablets.

I’m a 90’s kid and I’m lucky enough technology was not that advanced during my school time. I used to go out and play once in a while, talk to people and most importantly observe things. When I was small, I used to ask a lot of Why, What and How questions to my parents and they were happy to answer me even it was a silly doubt. Definitely there will be plenty of questions for me everyday. But now very few parents have time for their child’s questions which make them depend on other interesting things like tablets and phones.

It’s OK for an adult to use a smartphone/tablet for his activities. It is inevitable now and have become a part of life. Some parents gets irritated when their grown up children is using their smartphone, even if it is for a small time. But just by mere observance we can see that  parents and grandparents are more addicted to these small things than their grown up children. But for both the parents and their grown up children its not going to effect their mind anyway. But that’s not the case for a small child starting age 2 and also children who are studying in schools. These gadgets can cause lot of problems to their mental growth even affecting their parent child relationships.

Some children becomes aggressive, It can Reduce sleep which can again cause lot of problem, It affects their ability to learn and also lead to obesity.

Earlier days some parents gets their child a pacifier so that the baby wont cry. They cant use it when their child is 2 or 3 years old  so that they get a tablet or smartphone. It’s a fact that many parents give their child a tablet so that he/she stops crying and that’s the most dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Now let me conclude. If your child is addicted to tablet/smartphone,  its just because your child find the tablets interesting. Children hovers around anything which is of their interest. When they see something more interesting than the thing in their hand they jump on to that. Even parents play a big part in this addiction. If parents spend some time with thier child by engaging with them in small activities like story telling, playing games etc they will find it more interesting than playing virtual games. Majority of the parents might be busy with their work. But somehow find some time and spend it with your child, if you don’t have time to talk to them at least listen to them so that they don’t become slaves to these gadgets

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