July 2, 2016

Vinyl Flooring – Boon or Bane

Many customers who buys new car whether it be Maruti or the Luxurious Audi visits our shop and asks whether we are doing Vinyl Flooring or in other words Floor Matting for cars. When we ask them why they are doing Vinyl Flooring the reasons they say are

Those who dont know what is Vinyl Flooring, I’ll explain it to you. It’s like a wall to wall carpeting. sheets of PVC or vinyl are cut and glued together so as to match the contours on the floor. the ends are tucked into the side wall beading / plastic beading so that no dirt / dust / water can escape into the carpet beneath. Available in Beige, Grey and Black Colours. It’s commonly done by Taxi Drivers.


Let me get to the bane first

1. It makes your car looks ugly and cheap.

The Vinyl material is of cheap quality and its available in sheets. So when the people fix it they may use remaining piece or left over from other cars and glue it to save cost. The cuts and the glued portion will be visible.

2. Difficult to Clean

Even though many customers say that its easy to clean. After doing Vinyl mat cleaning is a herculean task. If something liquid pours into it. You need to use a cloth and dry it up. If its sand on it, There is no other way than using a vacuum cleaner

3. Slippery Rubber Mats

Even if we do Vinyl Flooring, It’s necessary to put mats on top of it. Whichever mat you put on top of it. It becomes slippery. You cant even place your foot on top of it. Even strong mats with spikes or grips will float on top of Vinyl

4. Chances of RUST!!

This is the biggest problem of doing Vinyl Flooring. The glued portion will have some minute opening through which sand or even water gets in. Or if someone gets in with an Umbrella, The tip of the umbrella can create a hole on the mats and water gets in mainly during rainy season or due to some AC condenser faults. We wont notice this as it will be covered and slowly it starts to rust. You will only see this once you remove the vinyl mats.

Now the BOON. 

NOTHING. Yes seriously there is no use doing Vinyl Flooring other than some satisfaction which we get when we do something others do. Moreover the Car dealers forces the customers to do it as they get some money. No one explains the disadvantages of it.

So the best thing to do is politely say a “NO” to Vinyl Mats, When the dealers say you have to do it. Even if they say it’s free. Say NO to it. If they say it’s free ask them to give the amount as a discount and lets see which dealer agrees to you.

Best Alternative

The best thing is to put 3D/4D/5D Mats which is made up of Polypropylene. It’s strong, waterproof and easy to clean as its like a tray and you just need to put the dust off it.

MAxpider Kag

It’s a bit expensive but trust me its worth what you are paying for. It fits in your car correctly, non slippery as it has a Velcro beneath it which sticks firmly to the OE carpet of your car and gives a luxurious look

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