April 24, 2016

Follow your passion


This might be a time where most of them will be facing a tough situation. Many of your friends might have got campus placement and people around you will be asking “What about you?. What Next?”

Let me tell you my story. When the 12th std results came, even though I got a good overall percentage. I just got 46 percent in Mathematics which closed the doors to Engineering Colleges in Kerala where they need at least 50. This ended up joining P.A. College Of Engineering, Mangalore.

Till the end of 7th Semester. I was having just 58 percentage aggregate which again closed the doors to campus placements. Somehow managed to get 60 percent for Engineering at the end of the course.

I’m a computer engineer but coding did not excite me. Most of them don’t clear an interview only because they are not focused. If you very well know what exactly is your job position and you are able to convince the interviewer that you are the right fit. You can easily ace the interview. Soon I started to explore the other career paths for a computer science engineer other than coding. There was a position called Business Analyst, where we act as a liaison between the client and the Developers. I applied for the position and the interview was good. In a couple of days got a call from HR and he sent me the offer letter with a salary of Rs 7000 per month.

I was really happy and when I told my dad about this. He told me you are young so work to learn and not to earn, just work and see how well it goes. After the first day I was really upset nothing excited me, The job was just sending business proposals to project requirements. I told my dad I did not like the job so I’m quitting. But dad told me to go at least a month and see. Same routine happened for 3 weeks and in the 4th week. I got a positive reply from a client and I myself closed the deal worth Rs 5 Lakhs. Everyone in the company was literally shocked which motivated me and I started enjoying the work. My salary almost doubled with the incentives and at the end of 3 months got another offer for a much higher salary for the same job role.

After Working for less than a year. I took an MBA which helped me in seeing the world from another angle. Have a couple of offers in hand. But this age is the best time to learn new things rather than getting settled.

1. Keep your ears closed and eyes open. Don’t just do what others tell you to do
2. You wont like something unless you taste it. So try out everything and see what excites you.
3. Learning attitude is important. The best way is experience

Follow Your Passion and You Will Never Work a Day in Your Life”

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