August 27, 2015

Discovering your uniqueness

Laden and Laleh Bijani

Laden and Laleh Bijani

Every person in this world is unique. Almost every other non living thing around you is similar in many ways, But human, the beautiful creation of god is unique. Now I’ll tell why finding out your uniqueness is important. I guess all will be remembering the Iranian Twins, Ladan and Laleh Bijani. They were identical cojoined twin sister’s joined at the head. They wanted to separate and  made their mind to undergo the risky surgery. Many of them tried their best to convince them not to undergo the surgery. But they were sticking to their decision. Even though they were identical twins, They were unique in many ways. Ladan wanted to be a lawyer while Laleh Bijani wanted to be a Journalist. Laden considered herself as a talkative extrovert person while Laleh was an introvert. Laden likes to play around while Laleh liked computer programming. They decided to undergo this fatal surgery as they wanted to have an induvidual identity. Unfortunately the story did not end well, the surgery was not successful. Most of them will be knowing the statement that they made as they signed the bond before surgery is this

“We would rather die as individuals than live without an identity”

The answer is not your name. Our identity is not linked to not our academic status, Job profile or geographic status. It is something for what we will be remembered long after we are gone. Here is a simple example. When someone asks you about A P J Abdul Kalam, what’s come to your mind?. A very down to earth president. Hard Worker, Simplicity, Visionary etc. He is widely loved and respected by everyone.  But did he actually say that he is that during his life time. He is no more now and we are remember him for that. Every person in this world is unique, some people say that there are 7 people similar to a person around the world. But that’s just looks and what differentiates you is your character. Be yourself and never imitate anyone. Be original don’t be a second grade copy of anyone.

We are not known by our achievements but we are known by how we influence a persons life. Or how you impacted a person. You might have lot of achievements in school. Just visit your school after 5 years and see how many of them remember you. Your teacher wont remember you if you have scored a 100 in her subject. But if you have helped her, she wont forget you and you will be remembered for that. That’s your identity

Believe in yourself. Many of us are not ready to accept the way we are. Some of them think that they are too short, some thinks that they are too tall. too slim etc. Accept the way you are, because that is what is going to take you to establish your identity.

Chinese proverb says Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. You will find a sense of satisfaction. But to discover yourself you need to reinvent yourself. Move away from your comfort zones and try to do new things in your courage zone. Try things which you have not tried before. That is the only way you will reinvent yourself. Once you do that you can get an identity and you can build on.