June 26, 2015

Is under body coating necessary for cars


Customers visit our car accessories shop just before the delivery of their car. The very first thing I would say to them is not to waste their hard-earned money on useless thing like Under Body Coating. So first let me tell you what is under body coating, it’s nothing but a coating done  to save your vehicles under body parts from rust. Now the next question Why most of the car buyers fall for it. The reasons are buying a car involves a high amount. Some of the car buyers are newbies or the first time car buyers, So they don‘t have much knowledge on it and when the sales person just mention it it they fall easily.

Now I’m getting into the most interesting part.

Is Under body Coating Necessary for your car?

The answer is obviously NO!!. Just think the other way round. Consider a Car Manufacturer, let’s take Honda. They are very well known for their engine technology. They don’t compromise on quality and if they know that the under body of the car get rusted they would have done something to prevent it as it would affect their brand. No one will ever buy Honda Cars then. Does that make sense?

Or if there is no way preventing it from rusting. While manufacturing itself they would have done under body coating. I have read many articles on it and many are conflicting my answer. But this is the fact. You could even mail a car manufacturer  company and ask. In other words, this is another tactic of the dealer to make some extra bucks. Average amount for doing under body coating is Rs 4000.

Is Under body coating waste of money?

Yes. Definitely it’s a waste of money.  Just think twice before deciding on this.

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