March 5, 2015

Tips before buying a used car

Recently there is a great boom in second hand car market especially the luxury cars. But there is always a chance to get trapped while dealing with used vehicles.

Risk of buying a used car is higher than buying a brand new car. If it’s not a company certified car, the only thing which we have to believe is what that come’s from the seller’s mouth. So be careful before buying a used car.

If you give some attention while buying a used car, you can get the best car at the best price. There are certified as well as uncertified cars. The certified cars are the cars which are certified by engineers by testing it under different circumstances and criteria’s

Which Car? Which Model? From Where?

The initial plan should be setting up your budget and once it’s ready , you can short-list the model to buy. You can study the market of used cars by seeing information published in classifieds, used car showroom, internet from websites like olx and quickr. You can also ask to people who own that particular model. Some used car dealers will give the car with warranty . If you enquire about the car in the insuarance company, you can get information regarding the history of accidents if any.

Here are the list of things which you have to check before buying a used car

1. Registration Certificate

2. Insurance Papers

3. Number of times the car is transferred will be given in the RC book, Never buy a car which has changed hands more than 2 times

4. Cross check the engine and chassis number with the information given in the RC book

5. Also check the insurance and tax payment details

When you are buying it directly from an owner. It will be better to inspect the vehicle by a mechanic. Check the body even if its painted. Also check the windscreen and the side windows and make sure it is of the same company. Park the vehicle on a flat road and check if its leaning to any of the sides, this is used to check if there is any problem with the suspension. Just press the bonet portion above the wheels to check the shock absorbers. Just open the bonet and see the engine and other stuffs, Make sure its clean. If it;s clean the previous owner have maintained it well.  Remove the oild dip stick and see, if the oil is hard then the vehicle may not have been given for service at regular intervals.

Finally check if the car starts properly and see if the steering vibrates while its moving, Unusual sound, brakes, Clutch pads etc. If you are satisfied with the driving, You can buy it

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