Art of Bargaining

January 27, 2015


Many of them will have their own ideas of bargaining . Here you can read my way of bargaining and it have worked for me many times, There is no guarantee that it will work for you and always remember that, never bargain for a product below a price less than it’s worth. The shopkeeper may kick you out. The first step is doing some research on your product, Visit some shops and see what is its selling price and know the average cost of it.

Step 1

1. Get into a shop where you get the product you are looking for, Enter the shop looking different products randomly. Never look at the shopkeepers face for at least sometime. The shopkeeper should think that you have entered just to have a look at the products.

2. After a while, Just see if the product you are looking for is displayed. If displayed just ask the details about the product as you dont know anything about it. Never ever show any sort of interest in the product, neither in talk or looks

3. Finally, ask them the price. They will say a price, just pretend that you have not heard them, ask them What?!! Oh!! xxx Rs OK.

4. Just look the product as If you don’t want it, you should show a face as if you are not at all interested.

5. Ask them the final price


Explaining with an example (RC Helicopter)

6. If the shopkeeper say a starting amount of Rs 1100 and the final price said by him is Rs 950

7. Just say that you would buy this if he give for Rs 650 (fair price based on the product worth)

8. Just wait for a while and see if he gives for Rs 650. In 99% of the cases the shopkeeper says Rs 850 or Rs 900.(price between his last price and the price which we have asked for)

9. Just move out of the shop slowly, then the shopkeeper may say OK fine, Rs 750. He has now agreed for Rs 750.

10. Use this final trick now. Just tell him Rs 700 (the price between you have demanded and the shopkeeper finally agreed) and tell him that you have liked this product and you will be very happy if he could give it for that price. That’s it. in 99% of the case, they will give the product.

Rs 1100 to Rs 700 (approx 40 % discount)

Please understand that it’s not always good to bargain below it’s fair price. Customer is always the king. So behave like a king





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