December 19, 2014

GDPI at Rajagiri Business School (RCBS)

Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies (RCBS) was one of my target institution for MBA. What made it attractive  is the so called “Rajagiri Immersive Learning”, the unique approach of Rajagiri to teach management. I believe that no one can teach management, But it can be learned. And that’s where “Rajagiri Immersive Learning” helps us, It provides us with the right  atmosphere and intense training which can totally change us.


The GDPI process is not that difficult compared to other premium B Schools. Till 2013 there was a great demand for getting admissions in RCBS. They also kept high cut off’s for entrance scores. But from 2014 they decreased the slab to 80/400 for CMAT, 500 on 800 for MAT and above 50 percentile for CAT. They give admission notification in November.

They will surely call for GDPI if you apply and the selection process starts in January. Rajagiri offers MBA, PGDM, MHRM and International MBA. If we compare PGDM and MBA, at present the best option will be doing an MBA because this year RCBS got autonomous status from UGC. The advantage is that they have full power to design the syllabus and also declare the results, which makes it similar to the PGDM. PGDM from Rajagiri is equivalent to MBA for higher studies but if you are not placed in campus, you will find it difficult to get a job with the Rajagiri PGDM certificate.

So let me start with the GDPI process. They will call 30 students per day and divide them into 2 batches. One batch should go for GD first and the other will have the interview. GD topics are general or current affairs. They will ask anyone from the batch to come and pick the lot and read the topic aloud (just for checking initiative skill). We will be given some time to prepare and after that all the participants has to speak 2 minutes on the topic. After that there will be a discussion for 10 minutes and then conclusion. To get more picture how to ace the GD, You can read my post here

There will be 2 interview panels consisting of 3 people each. I really enjoyed the interview process in Rajagiri. The panel observes all our activities and ask about it. I was wearing a full sleeve shirt and usually I used to fold it up. But I did not do that for interview. It was difficult wearing it and the very moment, a professor from the panel asked me If I’m wearing full sleeves for the first time (that’s the level of observing). I told him that I used to fold it up and then he told me to fold it up.

So here is the conversation that happened

They saw my watch which had 2 dials.

Panel – “Why do you have 2 times?. Usually we Indians can’t even follow Indian Time?!. 

Me – One is GMT and the other is IST

Panel – We Indians can’t even follow our time. Then why do you keep 2 times?

Me – Sir I have some clients in Europe

Panel – Where in Europe? (Just to check if I’m bluffing)

Me – UK and Australia

Panel – All right. Great. What do you mean by Conglomerate? 

Me – Sir I don’t know

Panel – Give me some examples of companies in India?

Me – Reliance, Tata

Panel – What Reliance?

Me – Reliance Infra, Reliance Communication

Panel – So is Reliance is a conglomerate

Me – Now I got the meaning sir !

They also shot some questions based on the interests I have filled. Be careful while you fill the hobbies and interests, You will get lot of questions on that. My friend had given DOGS as interest and she got a question on the breed of her dog and also lot of questions on breeds. What is cross breed etc.

Interview lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and they will observe our language. Confidence (eye contact). Sometimes it will be like a stress interview just to check how you respond to situations and for locking that there is only one secret. Just be cool and be yourself.

If you are selected. Within 2 weeks of time, You will get a mail saying that You are selected and to pay the first installment immediately. Rajagiri will refund the fee if you discontinue after some deductions based on the time you discontinue.

That’s all. I don’t know if they are going to change the GDPI pattern for 2015 admissions. This was the process in 2014. So do let me know if there is any changes after you attend the interview

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries. Best Of Luck 

If you want to know which are the other best MBA colleges in Kerala. Read my post here

In 2017 there is some changes in the GDPI rounds. You can read Reshma Miriams experience. She had her GDPI on 23rd February 2017 

All candidates were asked to assemble in a KRL auditoruim that resembled an amphitheatre. There were about 30 people.

Stage 1: They will ask you for the printed Rajagiri hall ticket along with the application form.Verification of 10th,12th and CMAT/MAT score takes place.After which they provide you with their prospectus.This takes an overall of half an hour.

Stage 2: The next round was essay writing.Paper will be provided for writing along with a rough sheet for organising your thoughts and jotting down points.We were given half an hour to write the essay.The topic is same for everyone. Topic : Should sports classes be discontinued for secondary school students so they can focus on their academics? Atleast 100 words are to be written and the essay should not exceed both sides of the A4 paper we were given. Maximum marks awarded would be 8. Candidates will be judged on grammar and style of writing, 4 marks for each.

Stage 3: All the candidates were divided into 2 groups consisting of 15 members each. One group would be having their GD first followed by the PI. Whereas the other group would be having the PI followed by GD. We were told to gather in the conference hall that was on the second floor.There were 3 professors who watched over our GD from a raised platform.Anyone could pick an envelope from three. The topic was ” Women empowerment:Is it the cause for the rising divorce rates in India?” Each of us had to speak on it for 1 minute after which there was an open discussion where anyone could speak. The time allotted for the same was 10 minutes. When 10 minutes were over one of the professors rang a bell and told someone to conclude. At the end we were to give an introduction just saying our name,our degree and where we live.

Stage 4: Personal interview. Three professors would be interviewing us.Question asked were: Q) Introduce yourself. Q)Why an MBA after B Tech? Q)What do you plan to do after MBA? Q)Talk about some current affairs?(Further questions would be asked from what you told) PI just takes 10 minutes or so.

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