November 18, 2014

Nokia’s Z Launcher for Android

z launcher

Nokia introduced it;s first ever android app called Z Launcher. The one thing that one has to appreciate is that, with its devices and services business out of the way and its obligations to Microsoft regarding Windows Phone gone, the company wasted no time in embracing Android.

I just downloaded the Z Launcher and used it for few hours. It’s just WOW. The best feature is that it synchronises with the users behaviour and  places user’s most popular apps on the home screen and changes based on the time of the day

By the end of its first day of availability, Z Launcher had been downloaded 100,000 times and Nokia had to stop accepting new users.

Nokia is also rolling out several new features to Z Launcher that will debut in the new public beta release:


Nokia have removed this from Google Playstore. You Can download it from the below link. Feel free to comment your reviews

Here is a mirror to download the beta app


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