November 2, 2014

Is voltage stabilizer necessary?


When I was a child. I used to ask my dad about this box with holes which I see in every home along with a TV. He simply replies that it’s just a box and people buy it just for satisaction and its useless. The only habit that is not changing for most of them even in this 20th century is buying a voltage stabilizer with their new home appliances like TV’s, Refrigerators, AC’s etc and installing it such that every one sees it.

So let me start. The common doubt even the biggest nerd will ask. Do we actually need a voltage stabilizer for our expensive LED/LCD TV’s or appliances

The answer is a BIG NO

Even CRT TVs do not need voltage stabilizers.

Electronics devices need very less voltage supply around 5V DC. Long time back , it used to be linear power supply to produce this low voltage 5V. Linear supplies have minimum input voltage. At higher input voltages, excess voltage gets converted into heat and so have a upper voltage limit. So we used to provide voltage stabilizers that protects the appliances 

Now we use SMPS(Switch Mode Power Supply)  which are more efficient and do not  heat up or have a wider voltage range. In fact , you can say that their power supply act as voltage stabilizer without any loss,

So we do not use external voltage stabilizers as long as your input voltage range is within the specified range of SMPS which is much higher compared to linear power supply. If you think that your stabilizer can protect the appliance from Voltage spike. To be frank It does and  everything burns up including the stablizer and also the SMPS. If you don’t use the stabilizer only the SMPS burns costing you around Rs 600 for changing it. But all the other components of the TV will be safe. 


Stabilizer for AC

Till Now, I have not used any kind of stabilizer for the appliances in my home. 2 months back there was a voltage spike that came through the coaxial cable damaging my Set Top Box and the SMPS, If I had a stabilizer, even that would have been damaged.

Major Stabilizer brands just increases the size of this box and markets the product saying it’s specially made for AC, Fridge, Washing Machine etc

So the conclusion is that Voltage stabilizer is just a box that works like a  extension cord and it just looks sophisticated. If you still dont trust me I’ll suggest you a way to find it yourself

1. Buy the home appliance without the stabilizer

2. You will get at least 1 year replacement warranty

3. Use the appliance without the stabilizer

4. If something goes wrong within a year, Dont worry you have warranty for your product. Take it to the service centre and find out what happened and if they say its because you dont have a stabilizer. Get the product replaced or repaired and use it with a stabilizer

5. If nothing happens to your appliance in a year. Continue using it without a stabiliser



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