July 28, 2014

How to select a laptop

I’m a Computer Science graduate and till my final year, I did not have a laptop. Who told that laptop is necessary for a B Tech Computer Science course. It’s an added advantage but not mandatory. I got my laptop when I was in final year, I haven’t demanded a laptop to my parents. But one fine evening my dad called up and asked me to select a laptop from which he has short listed online. I’m not dumb to say “NO” to a super offer like that. So after thinking a lot, I answered that question. I need a laptop to watch movies, do some typing and also presentations, and my budget was Rs 25000. While going through Flipkart, a beautiful laptop caught my eye, When I checked the price it was Rs 27404, slightly crossed my budget. But I did not think twice. I ordered it through flipkart, at that time there was a interest free EMI facility introduced by them. I think it was a monday when I ordered and I got it delivered on saturday. Yeah it took 5 days for the delivery, but that wait gave me some more undefinable happiness.

Here is my beauty



I’m sorry this laptop is permanently discontinued.

If you have money, it’s not necessary that you have to buy an expensive laptop. If you do that it will be like a under utilized resource and also waste of money.

Here are the things which you have to look while buying a laptop

1. Analyse your needs. Ask yourself for what the laptop is for?

Every laptop available now can do the basic office works and some entertainment.

2. Processor

Processor is very important, dont go for the costs, AMD processors are cheap but the chance of heating up is more when compared to Intel i series processors. So go for Intel. Intel i3 2nd generation processors can do almost anything now. So that’s the best. If you have a higher budget you can go for i5 or i7

2. RAM

RAM is a very important thing in a laptop. Higher the RAM, Better the performance. I recommend a RAM of 4GB. If you are a hardcore gamer or a person who uses sophisticated rendering softwares like 3D MAX, Autocad, Revit etc, Expand the RAM to 8GB

3. Graphics Card

If you are a hard core gamer only then go for a laptop which has a graphics card. Once you buy a laptop without a graphics card, You cant add that again as it will be integrated in the board. If  you are not a gamer then better dont go for a laptop which has a graphics card as your laptop gets heated up. Trust me, Its get’s really hot!

4. OS

I dont recommend paid OS like Windows. You can use Linux as it’s free and reduce the cost of your laptop. If you are so keen on having Windows then buy one with that

5. After Sale Service

After Sale Service is very important in case of laptops. It’s an electronic device and there is high chance of going something wrong with it. in the 8th month my laptop showed some error with the hard disk. but as the HP service is good. I got a brand new hard disk within 7 days. So buy a reputed brand which has service centre in your city.

6. Weight

The lighter the better. Common sense

7. Screen Size

Majority of the people use 15 inch screen. But I recommend a 14 inch screen. It doesn’t look bulky.

8. Price

Some brands like Sony Vaio is expensive compared to other brands having the same configuration. If you have enough budget then go for it. online websites offer laptops at cheap price compared to local market. But many people are still hesitant to buy online. It’s your personal choice.

That’s all. If you have any queries or need some advice on selecting. Please feel free to comment below


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