July 6, 2014

Hope given by UST Global

campus recruitment

This happened last year in the month of July. It was soon after my engineering came to an end. All were behind their first job including me. My friend who was already selected in UST Global called me up and told me that there is UST Global fresher recruitment drive happening next month in Kochi. I was very excited when I heard this because that was the only IT company for which I was eligible in Campus recruitment. The cut off was 60 percentage. But, bad luck I had another important commitment on the day when they conducted the drive for our college in Mangalore. I ask my friend what next I should do to get registered for the drive. He told me that his senior is an employee there and he can refer me for the same. I got his email address and shot my résumé to that. After two days I got an email saying my résumé has been shortlisted and I can attend the drive happening on 22nd and 23rd August in Kochi. 

Two of my school mates also had registered for it. They started group study for the drive. I was thinking that I will also join them, But you know it better what would have happened.  Above all that, I got a deadly disease “Dengue”. I couldn’t actually stand when I got this fever. When I try to stand I feel like fainting. I was not feeling hungry and If I eat something it would taste bitter. Blood count was decreasing day by day. There is no medicine for dengue and doctor said to take complete rest. Finally my sister and brother-in-law took me to hospital and I got admitted there. I felt like dying. Above that, I was sad that I wont be able to attend the drive happening the very next week. But till date. If an opportunity comes to me. I will try really hard not to miss it. I got cured from dengue and doctor told me that the blood count was increasing and I was almost sure that I will be able to attend the drive on 22nd August at 2pm. On the same day morning I was discharged. When I told dad that I want to go for the recruitment. He told me that he will come with me.

So I went with my dad to FISAT, Kochi where the drive was happening. I was shocked to see the number of people for the drive. As the selection was by  reference of the current employees. I just expected maximum of 50 people. But there was around 2000. As usual scene for any entrance exams or college admission. I could see a lot of people with their parents holding water bottles. It’s really nice to see the parent’s face. Very happy and with pride reflecting in their eyes. I got some number 200 for the first round that is the aptitude test, after that there will be a GD then an interview. If we qualify each round.

Finally my number came on the screen and it was aptitude round at 5.30 PM(which was actually scheduled at 2PM). I went for it. It was an online test. There were questions from language, quants and basic C. Questions on language was very tough. After that I somehow manage to finish the language questions and jumped into aptitude. There were many stupid questions(what I feel), like train A and B which reaches first?, Two people A and B working together build’s a house in 15 days and etc. I just guessed many of that. I came out of the lab at 6PM.

I saw my dad talking with some candidate’s parent. As a typical proud malayalee parent, He was boasting about his daughter and UST Global. My dad did not have anything to say about me. My dad introduced me him. That Uncle asked me how was the aptitude test. I told it was ok. then he told me that his daughter cleared all the  rounds and there was only a telephonic interview left.He also added that UST Global is constructing a massive office in Trivandrum which has facility to train 1000 people. His daughter had a degree in BCA, MCA and M Tech,. I was just wondering why was she was still a fresher!!.  I did not want to ask him that.  My dad asked me whether we should wait for the results of the first round. I was sure that I wont get through so we just left home.

In that drive UST global hired almost 900 candidates in that. But here come’s the saddest part. They have not received the  appointment letter till date. My friend was selected in that drive and he communicated with UST recently asking them about the date of appointment. He used to get the same reply every time “When there is a business requirement, we will get back to you”. They also have a facebook group – UST Global 2013 selected and waiting……….!!!!!!. Who is responsible for their precious time? It’s not just 2 or 3 months. It’s a year and the candidates are still waiting for their letter. I don’t know till what level this news is true. There is news that almost 1000 people were asked to resign by the HR department of UST Global Trivandrum. I wont blame UST Global for the current situation. In business there will be ups and down. But at least It would have been better if the selected candidates were given an employment cancellation letter so that they can search for other jobs rather giving them hope saying that they will call soon.


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