June 30, 2014

Why working in startups is the best


Team WoWMakers

This is dedicated to all my wonderful juniors in P A College of Engineering, Mangalore

I’m very much sure that at this moment of time, many of them will be busy searching for jobs. Your parents might be frustrated as your friends may have started working in big MNC’s like Infosys, HP etc. Sooner your neighbors will start asking questions on your job. This is the tradition from last few generations

So before starting this let me ask you one question. Do you like to work in a place with lot of people who actually don’t know what they are doing and keeping looking their watch every now and then because they don’t like their work or do you like to work in a place where there are some energetic and passionate people almost of your same age who enjoy and at the same time they work !?

Definitely there might be some who likes to get a job in INFY or WIPRO, as they get a good salary initially and also a good brand value in marriage market. As Robert Kiyosaki said when you are young, work to learn, not to earn.

As fresh graduates, you should optimize yourself for learning. Whether it be any technical or management skills. You have to work somewhere in order to understand how it feels and also to get some discipline which you will learn only when you work under someone.

In order to learn new things by enjoying the work at a great speed and ease, The best way is to get a job in a startup. Here I’m listing out some advantages of working in a startup

1. Great Training and Mentoring

Working in a startup can give you a great training covering all the verticals. If you are working in an MNC. You will be trained on a single domain like .NET or JAVA and there will be team leader above you who actually get’s the credit. You will be asked to develop a small function in a module and you won’t be knowing what the actual product is!!.  But in case of a startup you will be involved in a project from the initial stage like Requirement Specification to the final deployment hence giving you the full knowledge on it. You can get good mentor-ship also.

2.Passionate Team

When you work in a startup, you will be with people almost your age and same wavelength. What more do you want to enjoy your life. You can discuss anything dumb in front of them. Share your crazy ideas. Startups are the place where super ideas are generated as people from different fields is collaborated there.

 3. Pride

You have to take some risk initially and stay with the company in every falls and ups and one fine day you can be proud that your company is recognized around the world.

 4. Salary 

You might not get fat salary initially as startups cant afford. But as a fresher it’s more important to learn rather than earn. Salary wont be a problem if you prove you are capable

5. Flexibility

Working in a startup is very flexible. You can do your work without any pressure. You can also directly ask the person above you to advance the date to submit your work. It’s you who work and it’s you who set the rules. What more do you want?

6. Variety of Work

There are few people who work in your company. So you have a chance to take up various roles. One day you might be doing development and the next day you will be doing design work.

5. Creativity

In a startup, there will be people from many fields. Many highly creative risk takers. The goal for everyone is same, but you determine the direction to reach the goal.

7. Career Growth

You get a rapid career growth if you work in a startup as you were there from the beginning and you play an integral part in the company. You can decide where you want to be. You will know everything about the company you work and can place yourself in a better position for growth.

8. Challenges

In an MNC, if there is some problem, it is escalated to the top management. but in a startup you are the senior authority. You have to discuss with your co workers and solve them. You need to be better day by day.

Another wonderful thing that is possible only in startups

Working in Medma Infomatix, Lucknow

Working in Medma Infomatix, Lucknow

Now let’s hear what three of our friends have to say on their experience in working in a startup

NaazyadNaazyad Abdul Nazar, Developer, ichanical.com

“Working in ichanical, its  more of friends than the usual boss employee relationship. we have the freedom to think out of the box and use the maximum of our caliber. you learn the triple than what you learn in any other companies and that helps in building confidence and we can use our self learning capabilities to the core and also get to fall in love with google.”

vishal vijayVishal Vijay, Jr Software Engineer, Jiffstore

“I’m working in Jiffstore, a product startup. It’s really thrilling as all of them here are youngsters. I can say blunder ideas in front of them. They give me a lot of freedom. Another thing is the flexibility, If some work is assigned to me, I can tell them when I can submit and they will agree to that. Lot of ideas will come at night here. They also allowed me to work from home. What more do I want!!??”

yajYajnesh Talapady, Developer, Techjini Solutions

The biggest advantage of working in startup is that one will get the opportunity to interact with everyone directly and frequently including the CEO. One can get a overview of entire process, often playing role of multiple position. And ya, for lazy people like me, you can go to office at 11am.. (shhhh don’t tell anyone )


So that’s it. If you want to know the current openings in startups in cochin. Follow the link


If you want to build a cool startup. read the article by Akash Mathew, CEO CIEDS Technologies



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