June 5, 2014


Members representing a decades batch during SMS Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Alumni representing a decades batch during SMS Golden Jubilee Celebrations with the founder M V Pylee Sir

I had my GDPI at SMS CUSAT. GDPI scheduled on 5th of June 2014. Unlike the previous years,  This year they have called all the applicants without a cut off!. Either or both the three scores CMAT/KMAT and CAT (MAT is not taken from 2017 admissions) will be taken into consideration. The split up of the weightage is given as follows CMAT/KMAT/CAT score – 70% Interview – 15% GD – 15%. It will be better to give CMAT scores as majority will be submitting that. Normalization will be there for all the tests

As I had another commitment on 1oth  June. I emailed them asking them if it’s possible to advance the date to some other day, But I did not get any response. So I thought of going to the college to find out. On 5th June morning I went to the college and asked if it’s possible to change the date, They told me to talk to the director Mr Bhasi and submit a request letter. I did the same and got my GDPI advanced to the afternoon session on 5th. The GDPI process is very simple in SMS CUSAT compared to other colleges. Here is the process.

1. Questionnaire Session  They will give us a questionnaire to fill up including your personal details, marks and questions on employment, activities, career path etc.

Be creative when you fill these answers and each question carried marks and you will be judged by the answers you wrote for personal interview Soon after completing the questionnaire, they split us into two batches and one batch has to attend the GD and the other will be attending the PI parallely

2. Group Discussion In GD. The panel consists of 3 members and they will have 3 topics with them anyone has to volunteer and take a topic. Initially all will be given 2 minutes to note the key points and after that each one will get a maximum of 1 minute to speak on the same and after that the group discussion will be held for 10 minutes. In the last minute we have to conclude and 3 minutes will be given to write the summary of the GD. My topic was “Is Wester Culture spoiling the Indian Culture ethos. Dont waste your time preparing for GD Topics. If you want some tips for GD. You can read my post here

3. Personal Interview  There are two panel ofor interviews and it will be allotted randomly. All the common questions asked for a MBA interview will be asked like

What’s make SMS stand out from other private college is

1. No stress

2. If you want to do something, you have the full freedom (please don’t misuse it) and there are alumni to support us

For the students by the students

For the students by the students. Open Seminar

3. Best Professors who have unique pedagogy

4. Be proud Your are an SMSian

That’s all. All the best for GDPI at CUSAT. Feel free to contact me if you have any doubts. and always be cool that’s the key to have a successful GDPI. Follow our 2014 – 2016 batch Offical Facebook Page 

Best of Luck !!.


Last Updated on 24th Jan 2016. Do message if you want to know more about SMS CUSAT

Team SMS CUSAT at Shastreeyan Research Fest at CUSAT


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