May 26, 2014




Failing in a first semester exam of engineering is almost impossible, provided you have managed to darken some bubbles and scribble some answers that vaguely match the answers required. And the only way one could fail a lab exam such that of Computer Programming, is by leaving the write up sheets blank or malpractice.

It just might surprise you, if I told you that the few that managed to fail their computer lab test, did so, because, engineering college was where they first encountered a computer.

Don’t believe me? Well, you better do.

A handful of people in engineering colleges come from remote parts of the nation and many belong to the backward classes. One has to applaud the fact that these kids surpass odds to be part of an engineering college. From no computers to computer programming, from speaking almost no English to writing a full-length three hour paper in English, definitely, is something very difficult.

Are you thinking, why, out of the blue, I am talking on this?

Before I get to your question, I’d like to share a little incident that happened while I was in my third year of engineering.
I would often be at the library, with the intention to get some studying done, though that never happened until the day before the exams. (A classic trademark of any student)
It was on one such day, in the library, that I came across a fresher trying to by-heart his entire text.
I decided to start up a conversation with him, know him a little. I learnt that he came from a remote part of Karnataka. When I advised him to understand what he is reading rather than mug it all up, he said that he couldn’t really understand most of the words used in the textbook. So, I took it up on me to help him with it, for which he couldn’t thank me enough. We became good friends.
The next day I again went to the library with the intention to study, and as I glanced around the room for a seat, I see the same fresher studying, but this time with a huge book besides him- an Oxford dictionary.
Although he was spending a lot of time going to and fro from the dictionary to his textbook, I was glad that atleast now he’ll have a better understanding of the words.

What I am trying to focus here is the fact that our nation has such dedicated students, who, given a chance would be able to achieve just about anything, missing out on opportunities either because they come from remote areas or because the society has classified them into backward classes.

Although reservations exists, it isn’t a complete solution. They need more than just a bench and desk, they need to get an education that would give them the foundation to compete with their little more fortunate counterparts.

You might have also read the news about The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A), the premier B school which admitted a SC student at a percentile as low as 38.34. There was a big protest in social media about this. But let me ask you one question. From your heart just think. Are all equal?. How many of you are sure that student will complete his PGP in IIM?.

Before saying NO to community based reservation, you must know why was reservation made in the first place some fifty to sixty years back?. It’s beacuse of Caste system has laid bare our education and social life even now. . There was a situation in India called demacrated education:meaning none other than the brahmins and kshathriyas (higher caste of hindus) were supposed to learn. Reservations were aimed at removing caste system. Have we removed it today? think about it yourself

Another main reason was Economic backwardness that doesn’t need any introduction. As you all know there are economically backward muslims, hindus, christians and people of all faith and caste. Economic backwardness should not be an excuse for pulling down a good student. Have we achieved this?

Just see the statistics of work related reservations. Today even after 50 years of reservations in banks and other public limited companies. The percentage of backward class people in top management position is merely less than 5%!

India as a nation has given a lot to this world, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say, India by far is one of the largest contributor to the growth of many countries.
Then why not give it’s own people a chance, a little boost, just a little help?
Feel free to discuss your ideas on the same.

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