May 4, 2014

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zoomin logo Once upon a time, Taking a photograph was a big deal. I still remember when I asked my dad our expensive Kodak  camera  to take a photograph, most of the time he refused thinking that that I will waste the film. For some events or gathering, There were a lot of people around the photographers with flashes raised high . Yes, that was the time when we use a film for camera. A roll of it costs slightly less than Rs 100 and after that processing and printing  was also costly. Seriously now I don’t remember when I last visited a studio to take a photo print. Everything is digital now and no one even bothers to keep a physical print with them. My dad told me when he was a kid, The camera’s those time had a use and throw flash that light up only a single time and needs to be replaced. I can’t even imagine that. Now most of them have Digital Single Lens Reflex camera’s popularly known as the DSLR’s and a  facebook page to upload the snaps taken. Most of them are self-proclaimed professional photographers!! The reason as I think why most of them don’t keep a physical print with them is that they are lazy!.

Now there is no need of being lazy. Taking a print is as simple as 1 2 3., a leading online service that enables customers to store, share, and print their digital photos have come up with Photo Prints by Zoomin App. Photo Prints is a sweet app, enabling consumers in India to order prints anywhere in the region, perfect for those who wish to keep a physical copy of captured memories. The best part about Photo Prints is there’s no requirement for users to locate a studio, nor are they required to use a PC to synchronise data, crop and edit photos to their liking. It’s super easy to get started with the Android or Windows app. Simply select the photo (or photos) from your albums and choose from 6 available sizes.   Three finishes are on offer (matte, glossy and metallic), which will be applied to the high quality photo paper from Kodak. This app also has additional features like editing photos photos, which comes in the form of tools to alter brightness, colour and even adding some filters to either improve the end result or create something unique. ZoomIn has partnered with two of the biggest phone brands in India, Samsung and Nokia, to promote Photo Prints. There is also an option to also gift your memorable photo moments through the ‘“Request an address’ feature. You need to provide the recipient’s email address and the app will inform the recipient over email to enter their address.    They are also providing many offers given below

I received the photos in 2 days, The packing was great with a good message

PhotoPrints Zoomin

So what are you waiting for download, capture and print

Click here to download the app

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