Advertisement at its best

April 5, 2014

“Advertisement is the art of making whole lies out of half truths”. 

Good advertising has a purpose to direct a message that has to reach the audience through the good use of visual elements and awesome idea’s. Some TV commercials are such that we get attracted to the product seeing the miracle happening in TV and we don’t think twice before buying the stuff. It just happens!

Recently when Sachin Tendulkar retired, online ads giant – Quickr came up with a catchy billboards and online ads of Sudhir Kumar Chowdhary, who is  widely recognised for showing up at every home match the Indian team plays since 2003, with his body painted with a caption saying Find a new job Quickrrrr”. The factor which has to be appreciated in this ad is the timing


Qucikr ad featuring Sudhir Kumar Chowdhary


Here are some of the best catchy advertisements I have compiled from the internet.

at-least move your ass, and watch it from distance !!!!















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