March 23, 2014

How to prepare for a GD

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GD or group discussion is a methodology followed by many corporate and Institution to find out how a person is. Even if you are bright in the topic and presents a lot of points than others  for the discussion, you won’t be selected always. Because for a GD, it’s not just the points what the panel sees but also lot of other factors like interpersonal skills, tolerance, body language, different way of thinking, listening skills, your creativity/ out of the box thinking, presentation and attitude

For jobs, GD’s are considered as an elimination round because of the crowd.  For a GD, A group consists of 10 to 15 people, A topic or a situation will be given , Candidates are given some time to think about it and then discuss the topic among themselves for some time. Topics can be anything like current affairs, politics, social issues or anything general or sometimes they can give dumb topics like RED or BLUE(this is one of the topic where you can make use of your creativity).

Here are some tips (DO’s and DONT’s) for a GD for effective participation, based on my experience.

Sometimes you may be disqualified for a GD, Don’t lose hope and always learn from your mistakes

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