March 22, 2014

Art of facing Interviews


“Do what you love and Love what you do”. A small and cute saying which you should always keep in mind.Because you can enjoy and grow only if you do a work which you like or you have interest on.

I have seen many of my friends crying because they were eliminated for Placement drives and interviews.Actually theyare all lucky because at least they got a chance to attend interviews and it’s an experience. Till the 7th Semester my aggregate was 59.8%. I did not even have the minimum eligibility to attend interviews.

But after completing Engineering in Computer Science with first class. I have attended more than 10 interviews till date. Not just in software domain butalso for marketing, HR, Sales, management and the list goes!Because I like attending interviews.The basic thing which you need to attend interview is confidence and for that you should know English. I know many of them who don’t have a good language but are street smart and knows the work. But I’m very sorry to say that 99% of the interviewers checks your language. Even if you have strong technical knowledge without language they are not going to hire you. To improve your English the most effective way is to talk. I also recommend to read “THE HINDU” newspaper daily. By reading newspaper you can improve your vocabulary by using the new words you find in the newspaper in your daily conversation.

Many of you‘all can clear the aptitude test if you prepare.But when you get into next level,it may be Group Discussion or interview you may get eliminated as you are not used to it or have experienced it. For tackling this problem many colleges have placement training in which they teach how to ace this. And whenever you get a chance to speak in front of an audience. Go ahead By doing this slowly you can completely eliminate your stage fear.

For any face to face interview. There are 5 golden rules that you have to keep in mind

Here it goes…

The first thing which every interviewer sees is whether we have the skills that are considered to be crucial to the position which we have applied for. So in order to convince the interviewer that you do meet the requirements thatthey have in mind, you have to be ableto communicate your skills well. And for that you should know about your abilities. Your strengths and Weaknesses.

Brush your technical knowledge. The more you know says your ability to gain knowledge. Apart from the knowledge on your core stream. You should know what is happening in the world. Current affairs is very important and for that you have to read newspaper daily. Apart from technical knowledge. Make sure you have a firm grip on whatever you have written in your resume.

Know about the position you are seeking for. Its roles duties etc and also about the company. Go through the companies Wikipedia page.

The most important of all is to create a positive impression and this happens within few minutes of the interview. Most selection decisions are made within five minutes of an interview. The interviewer checks on your body language, appearance and attitude in the face of stress. So dress appropriately, smile, be calm, act mature even if you arenot!! Anddon’t lose your control

Never lie during an interview. Be honest Be natural and above all be yourself. If you don’t know something say you don’t know, don’t try to act smart and conceal your ignorance. Always know that interviewers are smarter than you. You may not know all the answers but what the interviewer sees is how you tackle a problem or your approach to it

Be a good listener If you did not understand a question request the interviewer to repeat. You won’t lose your job because of that and please Don’t always speak about the salary

Keeping all this in mind. Do your homework,be positive and give it your very best shot. Above all that learn from your experience and never give up hope. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST
Best of Luck for your Future

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