March 21, 2014

Difference between MBA and PGDM



Many of the students as well as their beloved parents have this big doubt, The difference between MBA and PGDM. Even I had this doubt when I was filling my application for it. So I did my own research to get a better idea of it.

MBA expands to Master of Business Administration and PGDM  is post graduate diploma in management. Actually both of this are almost same. The main reason why postgraduate courses are named as PGDM is because when an Institute is an autonomous body (It means that it is not affiliated to any universities) and conducts management courses then such Institutes cannot offer MBA degree. Degrees can be offered only by universities.


Top Premier Indian Institutes like IIM, XLRI offer PGDM, not MBA. Unfortunately people say it as MBA from IIM,or MBA from XLRI etc.It is internationally recognized too. When an Institute acquires autonomy they design  their own syllabus to be taught instead of following outdated University syllabus. The change of university syllabus is a complex process and will happen only once in 4 or 5 years because many colleges will be affiliated to a particular university and if they change syllabus frequently it will take time so as to revise the books and also for the faculties to upgrade themselves.

Where as in PGDM, since the colleges are autonomous the syllabus can be updated regularly depending on the need in Industry without approval from any University. So PGDM is more industry ready and up to date compared to a MBA degree. Most PGDM courses are based on trimester system (4 months make a trimester and there will be 6 trimester) whereas MBA course follow semester system (6 months make a semester and there will be 4 semesters). Another difference is that PGDM will give you double specialization  that means you can select two electives like Marketing and HR, HR and Finance, Marketing and Business Intelligence etc, whereas most MBA’s offer just a single specialization

But you have to be cautious while opting for PGDM courses. Even though AICTE have regulations for institutes offering PGDM. You have to check whether the course offered by the institute is approved by AICTE. For MBA, the institute will be affiliated to some university and the universities are controlled by University Grants Commission (UGC) and the colleges may also get accredited by AICTE, So there is nothing to worry about that.

If you are planning for further studies after PGDM, You have to see whether the PGDM offered by the institute is equivalent to MBA which means that  the college offering the PGDM course must have accreditation from AIU (The Association of Indian Universities). Otherwise you have to do a lot of hard work to get a doctorate ! or go for further studies.

My friends ask me which has more value. In my opinion whether it be MBA or PGDM both has great value or no value at all. It purely depends upon YOU and the institution from where you took it. MBA/PGDM is offered by lot of institutions in India. You have to see the ranking, accreditation, history, exposure and also student reviews before joining any institution. MBA/PGDM is not just a degree, It’s a way of living. You can  get a degree by mugging up books but you cant be a good manager.

If any one have any questions feel free to ask.


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